About Enclavix

Enclavix is the second technology company co-founded by Nicole Toomey Davis, President and CEO, and Bradley N. Davis, Chief Technology Officer. Previously, the two co-founded the award-winning software company, DoBox, Inc., subsequently raised $2.6 million in investor funding, and sold to Netopia, Inc. (NTPA), which was later acquired by Motorola. DoBox was widely recognized in the broadband gateway industry for its industry changing Family Firewall, including parental control technology and home networking solutions.

The Enclavix team has deep expertise in delivering complex technology to consumers and non-technical users. Past products of the team include artificial intelligence-based educational software, semantic networking, international interface development tools, consumer and small business/SOHO networking solutions, ground-breaking CAD tools, and the industry’s leading mobile connectivity solutions, as well as the award-winning and pioneering DoBox Family Firewall and Smart Firewall solutions. Headquartered near Salt Lake City, UT, Enclavix applies artificial intelligence and machine learning and related technologies to extract context and meaning from complex, big-data problems including unstructured data sets.

The Enclavix team is focused on development efforts with technologies that accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship and received over $1.2 million in funding from the National Science Foundation for development of our AI platform.

About VentureWrench – Startup Coaching for Entrepreneurs

The startup coaches and creators of the VentureWrench Startup Coaching Community, the team at Enclavix, are experienced entrepreneurs who have started multiple businesses, raised millions of dollars in investment from investors, and sold our last company to a public firm. Our CEO has also mentored and provided grant funding for dozens of emerging technology companies. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and its potential for you and for the economy.

We are committed to your success. Visit their bio pages to meet our President & CEO, Nicole Toomey Davis, and our Chief Technology Officer, Bradley Davis. To read about the vision for the VentureWrench Library, visit About the VentureWrench Library.

We designed the VentureWrench Library to help you find the information you need – from the best in class resources – as quickly as possible, so you can be successful too. How do we know what you need? We ask you some questions about your startup and your background and then provide an interactive interface to the best stuff out there to help you succeed and to succeed more quickly.

More about VentureWrench

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create profitable, society changing companies with high quality jobs and be rewarded for their efforts with financial success. The truth is most entrepreneurs have a vision and passion, but may not have specific skills, in areas such as raising capital, finance and accounting, legal issues or startup management which are required to convert an opportunity into a successful enterprise. Having worked with many entrepreneurs, we have learned that many fail because they do not know what they do not know, because they do not know about available resources, or because they cannot readily find those resources.

The VentureWrench library was designed by the Enclavix team to help entrepreneurs by identifying and curating the best resources to accelerate their success. We appreciate the support of the National Science Foundation which provided funding for a portion of this work. Funding for VentureWrench was provided in part by the National Science Foundation under SBIR awards 1315303 and 1431025.