The Enclavix AI Platform and Consulting Assistance

Artificial Intelligence is not a DIY project!  There are many ways that unskilled people can bias or poison your AI system.  It’s essential to have experience AI experts help you create your system.  But, if you’re not one of the “big” tech companies, dangling a hot stock and big salaries, it’s very hard to attract those experts.  Enclavix can help.  We are one of a select group of firms with both existing AI platforms and AI expertise and we can deploy both to help you add AI to strengthen your business.

  • Do you have data about your business that you know would provide you insights, but you don’t know how to get there?
  • Do you hear all of the talk about “Artificial Intelligence” changing the world, and wonder how it should be changing yours?
  • Do you wonder how you will ever master AI when IT is hard enough?
  • Do you know the many ways that AI systems can be “poisoned” or biased?  Do you and your team know how to avoid these issues?
  • What are the regulatory or privacy risks that you face if you implement AI incorrectly?

Enclavix can help.  We selectively license our existing AI powered platform to businesses in other sectors to help grow their business in new ways.

To reach us, send us an email at ndavis [ at ] enclavix [dot] com.  Let us help you succeed!